Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Left-off Wearing Apparel and Sacks of All Kinds

Vintage photographs, old newspapers, forgotten letters, ancient advertisements, antique documents and random aged scraps of paper. Ephemera, I love it. A glimpse into a world long-gone. How many hands has this ostensibly worthless item passed through before it fell into my possession? How did it survive this long? What stories could it and it's previous owners tell?

Take this old flyer for instance, though the term flyer wouldn't have been recognised at the time of it's distribution, as it probably dates from around the First World War, if not earlier. Mr Evans is clearly in the market for a broad range of products, from rabbit skins to mangles, and to prove it, he's written a poem. It's like a primitive jingle!


And here's a pair of photographs, plucked at random from a growing collection. Four dapper young men, in a splendid array of hats, pose for the camera. Nothing interesting here you might think. Brothers? Work colleagues? Drinking buddies? Take a look at the next shot of the same four men.

I wasn't prepared for that either! The costumes are so ridiculous and the faces so straight, I assume that these young men must be stage performers, perhaps in the Music Hall. Wouldn't it be great to know more though? Every picture tells a story, but I wish I could hear theirs.


C said...

Oh, those are fabulous!
Like you, I just want to know the stories. I guess it all just seems so much more fascinating and appealing because we don't and we know we'll never understand quite what their lives were like. But I love to be reminded that, no matter when you were born (or where) people have always been and will always be, essentially, the same. It's just the backdrops and props which change.
Lovely stuff.

The Swede said...

Indeed C. I get so much enjoyment from old bits of paper, particularly photos, but I always remember that these are documents of real people's lives, people who aren't around anymore. I've got lots of bits and pieces, so I'll probably share more in the future.

Loving your jaunty beret by the way!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful things. There's something utterly poetic about the questions they raise. Perhaps it's best to not know more? My theory about the bottom pic is that they have changed into their day wear. Fabulous song, of course.

The Swede said...

Trust me to get the 'before' & 'after' photos the wrong way round.

Old Pa's Corner said...

Old ma has loads of very old photos of her family and relations which I love to look at, none quite as old as your fab pics....sadly I have very few pics of my family...great to hear EPTAS It's wearing well!

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