Monday, 23 September 2013

A State of Emergency

A Small Good Thing - Saloon Dreams 
Famy - Dogg Dogg 
Elvis Costello & the Roots - Can You Hear Me? 
Derrick Morgan - Under Heavy Manners 
Paul Duncan - Red Eagle 
Houndstooth - Thunder Runner 
Ernest Rogers - Mythological Blues 
H.Hawkline - Telegram


Anonymous said...

Can't get this to work, mate. Is there a trick to it? I'll keep trying.

Anonymous said...

Working now!

Old Pa's Corner said...

Well that was a top selection TS great variation loved the track by ER new to me as were Houndstooth great stuff, I even like the EC track it was better for a second hearing

The Swede said...

Thanks Old Pa. The Costello album is one of the unexpected surprises of the year for me. An absolute corker!

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