Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Dials

'Mondo Space', the new single from Brighton band The Dials, is a pitch perfect homage to Syd-era Floyd and comes complete with a fine fan-footage compiled, psych-inspired video. The tune is taken from their recent LP, 'The End of the Pier', which finds them touching a number of musical bases over the course of its eleven tracks. The Dials have been around since 2002 and 'The End of the Pier' is their third album. I'm a latecomer, but the quality of 'Mondo Space' has definitely got me intrigued.


Anonymous said...

Love the organ sound but definitely Bootleg Barretts. Weird. Likable but do all their songs sound like 'Piper' out-takes?

The Swede said...

From what little I've heard, their oeuvre is a 60's inspired pick'n'mix, though, so far, nothing else has jumped out quite as much as this did on first hearing.

Old Pa's Corner said...

This is so Floyd....and love the 'Bootleg Barrents' by SB...which is spot on.

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