Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Version City #23 - Broken Bells play The Beatles

Broken Bells, the band comprising Danger Mouse and Shins front man James Mercer, turned in a dark, mesmerising reading of 'And I Love Her' on David Letterman's show a couple of nights ago. To add authenticity, they used a looped drum passage from 'I Am the Walrus' as the bed of the tune and then cleverly featured Ringo himself as part of their on-screen performance.


Anonymous said...

Nice drumming and the four blokes in the film should go far. As for the dudes in the studio - catch them at your local Butlins soon! Nah, I'm sure they are great. I used to listen to Shins a bit and Danger Mouse has a good rep, I know. Didn't he make a 'Grey Album' or something?

The Swede said...

Mrs S & I are Shins fans and I first came across Danger Mouse as co-producer on the final Sparklehorse album. He's a busy chap that's for sure.

Old Pa's Corner said...

I have been listening to bits of their album...A great Beatles song and love the Ringo use, inspired.

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