Thursday, 21 August 2014

Joe Strummer

The bathroom is still a work in progress, it's amazing how much disruption can be caused by the redecoration of one small room. As a layer of ever-deepening dust settles on every surface in the house, my thoughts turn to Joe Strummer, who would've been 62 today. Here he is in full flow at The Cambridge Folk Festival in August 2002, 4½ months before his death, the last time I saw him in concert.


C said...

Strange to think of Joe being 62 - I'm glad to hear you saw him when you did.

As for bathrooms/dust/disruption, oh how resonant that is and I hope very much you're out of there soon and can enjoy all the benefits. The dust, though, oh the dust! I'm amazed at how long it hangs around for, in spite of wiping and hoovering and everything, that blasted plaster dust still keeps appearing. And we haven't even finished yet. We just have to think: "no pain, no gain". Ouch!

Erik Bartlam said...

I was a house painter when I got out of the army and while I was in college. A lot of my work involved being up on a 30ft ladder with an angle grinder blasting old paint to atoms...atoms that found it's way through every layer of clothes to cover my whole body.

None of that was as bad as sheetrock and mudding...plastering I would imagine from the looks of both your places. Nasty business.

That's a great song. My feelings about Strummer are somewhat complicated but, I do think he was great.

Old Pa's Corner said...

Great stuff by one of my favourite artist full stop....once was getting bathroom redone....the guy removed the toilet and we did not see him for several that time we only had the one....we ended up having to go to the local pub....or behind the shed!!

The Swede said...

Week 3.....more dust than ever, but the end is in sight! Thanks guys.

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