Saturday, 29 August 2015

Bob Bob Robyn Along

Following Charity Chic's recent post devoted to firm favourite of this parish Robyn Hitchcock (here), things have been even more Robyn-centric than usual here at Swede Towers. I had a little wobble a couple of days ago though, when Hitchcock announced a short UK tour in late October. My instant fear was that any local date might coincide with one of the pair of Bob Dylan Royal Albert Hall shows that I already have tickets for during the same period. To my huge relief, Robyn's gig in Norwich comes the night after my two consecutive Royal Albert Hall extravaganzas. Perfect.

In May 1996, I was fortunate to be in the audience at the Borderline in London when Hitchcock and a fine group of musical accomplaces lovingly recreated Bob Dylan's legendary Manchester Free Trade Hall concert that had taken place exactly 30 years earlier. A wag at the back of the room even shouted 'Judas', right on cue, just as the band were easing into 'Like a Rolling Stone'. Much of this gig was later included on the double album of Dylan covers, 'Robyn Sings', issued in 2002. Who knows, maybe Hitchcock will drop a Dylan nugget or two into his sets this Autumn, as a nod to Bob's concurrent UK visit.

I've featured two of my personal favourite Robyn Hitchcock songs in previous posts (here and here) and if he were to play either of those tunes in Norwich in October, I'd be happy as Larry. However his repertoire is vast and his set lists ever changing, so here are a couple more that are on my wish list. The latter, 'One Long Pair of Eyes' contains the quitessential Hitchcock couplet, "Doctor doctor, I'm on fire!', 'Oh I'm sad to hear that squire - we're closing". Genius.


Charity Chic said...

Excellent stuff Swede
Caught up with th edocumentary Sex, Food,Death .. and Insects on you tube.Absolutely brilliant

Walter said...

Fantastic tracks and enjoy the show in autumn. Meanwhile I grab out some of Robyn's records.

Brian said...

A couple of my favorites as well. Should be quite a show with or without these. Robyn just seems to get better with age.

John Medd said...

We've got a glut of gigs coming up shortly too: Bill Bailey, Wreckless Eric and Clive Gregson - all in a seven day window.

The Swede said...

CC. I watched it last week too - a great documentary.

Walter. Thanks. I'll no doubt report back after the event.

Brian. He certainly does.

John. Sounds hectic! I've never seen Wreckless Eric and would love to one of these days. He usually records a Marc Riley session when he's about and it's always top notch.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the shows! Bob (x2) and Robyn! Brilliant!

Old Pa's Corner said...

Wow! you were at that concert. Got it when it first came out, Tremedous should doa book about the concerts you have been gota do it TS.

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