Thursday 17 September 2015

This Is The Kit

I've been a very lucky lad so far this year. The stream of local gigs has been steady and of consistently high quality - although I've just realised that I've foolishly neglected to mention some of the best of them on these pages. Never mind, I'll catch up with those in the end of year round-up.

One band I really wanted to see, but unfortunately missed out on, was This Is the Kit. Their third LP 'Bashed Out' is very good indeed and the terrific single lifted from it, 'Silver John', will, I'm certain, also feature prominently in that end of year round-up. One of my songs of 2015, no question.


Anonymous said...

Another act I've never heard of. Very interesting indeed. I like her slightly wobbly vocal. Will research further. Thanks for the tip....hang on, seems that Guy Garvey likes her/them...oh. I'll try to not let it bother me.

The Swede said...

Haha, I'm not surprised that Mr Garvey is a fan, Kate seems much loved right across 6Music. Her vocal on this particular tune reminds me a lot of Cate Le Bon, who as you know is a big favourite around these parts.

Charity Chic said...

Good stuff and a very similar picture to the cover of the excellent Ivy Tripp by Waxatchee which is from the same cloth

Walter said...

Indeed, a wonderful ballad that I will play for more times. Never heard of them before. Thank you for introducing us to them, Swede

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