Thursday, 8 September 2016

Red Gold & Green #8 - Sounds Unlimited

We're about to head out of town again. Mrs S has a 3 day trade fair over the weekend in London's trendy Shoreditch, meanwhile I'll be ticking off a few odd jobs for my elderly Aunt in downtown East Ham. It'll actually be over a week until I rejoin y'all in a live and direct capacity, as said Aunt is having a cataract operation while I'm there and lives alone, so I want to hang around until I'm sure she's back up to full speed and able to fend for herself - she's a force of nature, but at 87 years old you can't be too careful. On the same day as one Aunt's operation, another Aunt over in Bethnal Green celebrates her 89th birthday. She's a little more frail, but also lives alone. She has vision problems too and is currently enduring horrendous monthly injections into both eyes, though hopefully will be up for a spot of birthday lunch while I'm in town.

I've scheduled a couple of posts to keep things ticking over in my absence, but I'll leave you for now with 'Road Runner' by Sounds Unlimited, a Herman Chin-Loy production from 1971 (or 1973 depending on who you believe). Prepare yourself for a particularly unsettling interruption at the 1½ minute mark.

Sounds Unlimited - 'Road Runner' 

(Find this and many other crucial tunes on the 2004 Pressure Sounds compilation, 'Aquarius Rock: The Hip Reggae World Of Herman Chin-Loy'.)


John Medd said...

It's the Laughing Policeman from the end of the pier!

Brian said...

You're a gentleman. Be safe in your travels.

Swiss Adam said...

Come back safe and sound. Enjoy London.

C said...

Ah, I wish both your aunts well, how lovely for them to have someone as caring as you in their lives. And lots of luck to Mrs S too, I hope it's a great artistic success. See you soon.

George said...

I've bought another of your recommendations, Meilyr Jones' 2013. Very good (I was disappointed with the Ryley Walker album though)

Old Pa's Corner said...

Coud not wait for the 1.30 mark....unsettled..maybe a little surprised....well you Swedes seem to be long livers then.

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