Thursday, 24 November 2016

The Good Life Never Ends

Well wouldn't ya know it. Just a few weeks after I bemoaned the lack of any recent music by The Blackeyed Susans (in this post), along comes a brand new EP - hopefully the precursor to a full length album in 2017. 'Lover or the Loved' is scheduled for release on December 2nd, though one of the EP's four songs is already available to enjoy - and what a stunner it is. 'The Good Life Never Ends' was written by the late great David McComb of The Triffids for his final band Costar, though his recording has never received an official release. 'The Good Life Never Ends' clearly means a lot to The Blackeyed Susans, as they've previously recorded an intense live reading of it in 2008, for a David McComb tribute album. Here are all three versions.

The new Blackeyed Susans EP 'Lover or the Loved' is available to pre-order here

David McComb & Costar - The Good Life Never Ends (Demo)

The Blackeyed Susans - The Good Life Never Ends (Live 2008)

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