Monday, 3 April 2017

Rozi & Serafina

Last year I was privileged to witness Rozi Plain perform an intimate show at the visitor's centre of a nature reserve on the North Norfolk Coast (here). Yesterday I saw her play in another unconventional location - a small building situated next to the main runway of the former RAF Bentwaters base in deepest Suffolk. Rozi and her band, supported by Serafina Steer (of Bas Jan, another firm favourite of this parish) each played fabulous sets in aid of the Kids Kino Project charity.

The view round the back of the venue

It was a family (and pet) friendly mid-afternoon event, starting at 3pm and all over by 6pm. As someone who is depressingly familiar with the chatter and disruption that seems to have become the norm at gigs these days, it was refreshing to be part of an audience that included many very young children and several dogs, all having a great time and behaving impeccably. Watch out for new music from both Bas Jan and Rozi Plain later this year. 


Charity Chic said...

More kids and dogs is clearly the answer
You can also set the dogs on the gibberers

The Swede said...

Also mid-afternoon gigs - very civilized!

Anonymous said...

Hello. I'm attempting to resurface. It's a long journey. This gig sounds splendidly civilized and equally off-kilter, somewhat like the very nice music. Be back soon, I hope.

The Swede said...

Singing Bear, as I live and breathe! Great to hear from you old chum.

Brian said...

Always appreciate your Rozi sightings. Sounds like the older audience goers could learn a thing or two from the kids.

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