Wednesday, 18 October 2017


Back in April, I shared 'Sleepwalking', an early first taster from the debut Low Chimes LP (here). The tune seemed to go down rather well, so I thought I'd give all and sundry a heads up that the album has at last hit the streets and is available to order here. I'm chuffed to report that 'Illumine' is well worth the long wait, strong in composition, performance and production.

Judging by some of the band's recent social media postings, new material is apparently already in the works. Low Chimes (then still trading as Hot Feet) were outstanding when I saw them perform in a tiny Norwich basement back in 2013 and I really do hope they head out to my neck of the woods again before they retreat into the studio to prepare LP number two.

Here's 'Sulphur Silk', my current favourite cut on 'Illumine', plus, as a bonus, a very nice live performance of 'Electric Bloom'.


Old Pa's Corner said...

This is good stuff TS...think they fill a gap in the market here.

Check out on Tune Doctor for SFW's first song,(demo) going under name of Desert Life and doing an interpretation of an Old Pa song....can't fail, can it? How are you?

Rol said...

Reminds me of something, maybe a bit Karine Polwart? Joni Mitchell sings with a Morrissey inflection on the first track?

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