Monday, 6 November 2017

Red Gold & Green #24 - Bunny Wailer

Following the 1973 release of their sixth LP, 'Burnin'', founding members Bunny Livingston and Peter Tosh left The Wailers, allowing Bob Marley to assume full control of the band and the rest, as they say, is history. Both Tosh and Livingston (trading as Bunny Wailer) issued debut solo albums in 1976 and Bunny continues to enjoy a successful career to this day. Tragically, Peter Tosh was brutally tortured and murdered in 1987. In a career as long as Bunny's, it's no surprise that the quality of his output has ebbed and flowed somewhat over the years, but you're on very safe ground with any one of his first half dozen LPs. 'Struggle' is the title track from his third, released in Jamaica in 1978 and to a wider world the following year.

We've got to stand as one 
 For together we are strong 
 Divided we're defeated 
 That's why we can't be separated 
 You've got to get involved 
 'Cause there's a problem to solve 
 Don't be no opportunist 
 Don't find yourself a racist 

Bunny Wailer - Struggle


Stan says said...

Bunny's Blackheart Man. Now that is a tune.

The Swede said...

Indeed it is Stan.

Chris said...

Thanks for bringing Bunny Wailer to my attention. I'm curious to give his debut album a try.

ps Could I ask you to update your blogroll? You see, I've moved to Wordpress. The new link is ( )

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