Thursday, 28 June 2018

More Twists Than Harold Pinter

Sometimes, when a thick head drags you down, when a sore throat refuses to clear and when a nose CONTINUES to stream, all that's left to do is pour another hot toddy and listen to some really classy pop music. London-based singer-songwriter Lail Arad has two long players to her name, while Montreal’s JF Robitaille boasts a catalogue containing three albums and one EP. The pair met last year, since when they've been touring together and recording tracks for their debut collaborative LP, from which these two tasters have so far emerged. When I first heard their stuff I was convinced that they must be Australian - there's definitely something of The Go-Betweens about their delivery and song structure. I'm not sure that I can pay a higher compliment than that.


Brian said...

Lots of new stuff to appreciate today. These songs are so good, and I'm digging Gwenifer Raymond on your current rotation too. Thanks, Swede. Hope you are feeling better.

The Swede said...

I had an inkling that this one would be your bag Brian. I'm looking forward to hearing more from these two. Thanks for checking out Gwenifer as well.

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