Thursday, 7 June 2018

Trying to Get Along Together

'Easy' is the latest track to be pulled from 'Hetrogaster', the debut LP from Blythe Pepino's new band Mesadorm, following the split of her art-pop trio Vaults. The song, which features vocal contributions from Blythe's Mother and Grandmother, concerns the day to day trials and tribulations of family life and, by unspoken extension, all human life. The touching video shows the band with various younger and older members of their own respective families. Don't go getting the impression that Mesadorm are a one trick pony though. 'Tell Me', released late last year, is the kind of off-kilter pop song that wouldn't be out of place in the work of fellow Bristolians Rozi Plain or This is the Kit.


Brian said...

What’s in the water in Bristol? This is as Swede as it gets. Good stuff. Quite a visual too.

George said...

Did you know that "pepino" is portuguese for cucumber?

The Swede said...

Brian. Talent seems to gravitate towards Bristol in the same way that it once did to Brighton, before it became too expensive. I get the sense that Portland is a similar artistic hub in the States. 'As Swede as it gets' - my new strapline!

George. I do now!

Rickety Rackety said...

Not really my thing but nice to hear. I like my 'Bristol' with a bit more bite. Miss the old place. Actually, went there the other day for a hospital appointment and really enjoyed a lovely pint of cider down by the docks. I'm utterly out of touch with the Bristol music scene now. More recommendations anyone?

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