Monday, 17 December 2018

Monday Long Song

Since 1990 Richard Youngs has amassed a back-catalogue stretching to well beyond 150 titles. There have been at least seven new releases this year alone, eight if you include 'Sinking Into a Miracle', the barnstorming debut LP by Youngs fronted Glasgow collective AMOR - and I've already pre-ordered another new solo album scheduled for January 2019. Depending on where you choose to dip your toe, you'll find that Richard's work might touch on spoken word, acoustic avant-folk, mutant disco, musique concrète or all out sonic dissonance. Here, embracing the second of those loosely defined musical stylings, is the achingly raw 'Soon It Will Be Fire', from his 1998 album 'Sapphie'.

Richard Youngs - Soon It Will Be Fire


Swiss Adam said...

Am finding the AMOR lp to be a bit of an end of year joy

The Swede said...

Even though the AMOR LP is barely a fortnight old, it isn't Richard's parting shot of 2018. This week he released a solo album, 'Memory Ain't No Decay'. It's bloody fantastic.

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