Thursday, 17 September 2020

A Frail and Broken One

A few years ago, to add to my already excessive collection of anonymous photos, I purchased a couple of hundred antique glass negative plates. A selection of them were of particular local interest, which I sold quite quickly for a price that more than covered the cost of the whole lot. Since then, the remainder have sat on a shelf...waiting. Now as I pack my life into cardboard boxes in anticipation of an upcoming move, I have to find a way of safely transporting these ancient artefacts from here to there. They're frail, so I hope there'll be no broken ones at the other end. (Click on on any of these samples to enlarge the image).  

Bill Fay - A Frail and Broken One


John Medd said...

I can't resist other people's photographs; though I've yet to stumble on any as beautiful as yours.

Swiss Adam said...

Love these photos Swede.

C said...

Oh wow, these are absolutely fantastic.

Brian said...

Do you remember the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players? They were a trio consisting of a mom who ran the projector and sang some, dad who played guitar and keyboards and their very young daughter who played drums. The parents would go around to estate sales and garage sales buying up old photos and slides. Then they would write songs based on what they saw when they got home. Those who saw them live would see the slides projected behind them as they performed. I saw them play at an outsider art gallery in Chicago about 17-18 years ago. Pretty interesting images, but yours might be even better.

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