Monday, 7 December 2020

Monday Long Song

For the first time ever, I've had some trouble with the new Blogger. It happened when trying to embed the Bandcamp link for today's Long Song. I hope I've nailed it now. Be sure to strap in and remove any breakables from high shelves before you hit play - untethered stuff will start to move about. The band is vert:x, the tune is Clus and it's taken from their magnificently titled 2018 'Death to False Motorik' LP.

I have an inkling that someone may have posted this one before. If so, apologies all round - I'm starting to lose track!


drew said...

This sounds great. Btw can you tell me how you managed to embed the file as I still can't do it?

The Swede said...

I don't rightly know be honest Drew, I tried and failed a bunch of times....then suddenly it was there! I didn't change anything. It looked blank as I was composing the post, but when I went into preview mode there it was. I wasn't actually 100% sure the link was going to work until I checked in this morning.

John Medd said...

I made the mistake of listening to this with headphones.

In other news, my dentist said he should be able to refill my fillings next week.

Swiss Adam said...

I was hoping you'd be able to give me some advice too Swede about how you got the Bandcamp player to embed. Keep trying and cross your fingers seems to be the way forward.

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