Monday, 30 November 2020

Monday Long Song

Driving home from work at quarter to five on a crisp, cloudless Thursday evening, the sun, which set a full 45 minutes earlier, had left a glowing orange residue low in the sky, while off the road to my right a dense mist enveloped the Waveney Valley. It was all too beautiful. My in-car soundtrack was one of a selection of old self-made compilation CDrs rediscovered during the recent house move. I had no way of knowing what tunes it contained, but this one started to play as I drove towards that dimming orange horizon and I thought to myself, right at this moment, there's nothing I'd rather be listening to.  

Lambchop - The Hustle


George said...

Not "The Hustle" I was expecting

John Medd said...

Lambchop 2 Van McCoy 1.

Brian said...
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Brian said...

I love moments like that. Seems to happen most often in the car or on a walk/hike, doesn't it? Also a good time to find old CDrs and tapes. Will usually take you back to an exact time and place.

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