Monday, 15 March 2021

Monday Long Song

I've been living in the new gaff for nearly five months now, yet I've still to meet, or even cast eyes upon, four of my six immediate neighbours - they come and they go, very quietly it has to be said, at all hours. I'm assuming various forms of shift work are involved. Anyhow, while enjoying a few days off work last week, I took the opportunity to make myself known to any of the locals who might also have happened to be at home, via the good offices of On-U Sound collective Singers & Players. Over the course of one afternoon I played through 'War of Words', 'Revenge of the Underdog' and 'Staggering Heights' at, what can probably be best be described as, a potentially neighbour-bothering volume, but I never heard a peep from any of 'em, so I can only assume that either my neighbours weren't at home or weren't bothered.

Here's a heavy heavy tune from the 1981 Adrian Sherwood produced, Singers & Players debut LP, featuring the mighty voice of thunder himself, Prince Far-I.

Singers & Players - Quanté Jubila


Swiss Adam said...

Heavy vibes. Top stuff.

Rol said...

"I can only assume that either my neighbours weren't at home or weren't bothered."

Or they're currently knitting a Swede voodoo doll.

C said...

Yes, hoping your neighbours were out, not bothered, or even better, share the same musical tastes as you.
We are getting a little worried because one of our next door neighbours is expecting a baby in May. Not sure if we'll be able to cope if it's crying at all hours of day and night; of course we could always fight back with some Augustus Pablo or Black Sabbath but would that just make it worse?!

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