Monday, 26 April 2021

Monday Long Song

When Black Sabbath initially unleashed 'Vol.4' in the Autumn of 1972, my ears were probably too occupied with the recently released T.Rex masterpiece 'The Slider' to notice the kerfuffle. I came to 'Vol.4' a little later and it's always been my favourite of The Sabs' albums, though the follow up, 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath', runs it mighty close. I saw the classic Ozzy-led line-up just once, a little after their prime perhaps, but they were still an impressively thunderous live prospect.

Black Sabbath - Wheels of Confusion 


drew said...

God that takes me back I haven't heard that in over 35 years. I really liked Sabbath when I was a kid and Ozzy's first two solo albums.

Brian said...

If only metal could have continued with this sound I would have been much kinder to the genre.

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