Wednesday, 23 February 2022

A Series of Brief Obsessions #2 - Dillon Fence

Dillon Fence came my way as so many bands did back then, via the new release folder of a visiting record company rep. For an hour or so each month we'd glug coffee as he or she tried to convince me that everything in that folder was the next big thing and that I really needed to have it in my racks. Actually, to be fair, most of the reps knew my limits as well as I did. A tiny shop in a quiet seaside town was never going to be responsible for breaking an act nationwide, although in one or two cases over the years we certainly did our bit to help in terms of sales - I'm looking at you Sheryl Crow. But I digress. Many of those reps became friends, growing to know the direction my own personal tastes moved in and recommending accordingly - hence Dillon Fence. Sonically hovering somewhere between Teenage Fanclub and 'Grave Dancer's Union' era Soul Asylum, 1993's 'Outside In' was and is my favourite of their three albums. Here are two cuts from it to give you a flavour.

Dillon Fence - Collapsis

Dillon Fence - Safety Net


Brian said...

Inspired idea for a series, Swede. Just catching up, and both of the bands so far are completely new to me and well worth the time. Keep ‘em coming.

The Swede said...

Thanks for listening Brian. Great to hear from you, I hope you and the family are keeping well.

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