Wednesday, 16 February 2022

A Series of Brief Obsessions #1 - Lions and Tigers

The good news regarding the recent tech-trauma of my crashed hard-drive is that the local computer guy was able to salvage around 85% of the contents - photos, tunes and documents. A great result, by any standards. The 85% was his estimate by the way. Thus far I've yet to not find anything that I've gone and searched for, though no doubt that will happen at some point. Either way, I'm pretty ecstatic with what I've got, considering what the alternative could've been.

While biting my nails down to the quick as I awaited updates from the computer guy, I found myself playing even more physical product than usual. Digging particularly deep into the CD archives, I unearthed a bunch of compilation CDrs put together by myself and Mrs S during our earliest days together, nearly 20 years ago. We'd play these comps around the house continually for a week or two at a time, until moving onto the next one - like turning the page of an audio diary. Hearing some of those tunes again after so long was tantamount to reconnecting with very old friends. While playing one of the CDrs last week, I was struck by how much of my musical journey over the years could legitimately be described as a series of brief obsessions - some briefer than others. Every now and then, hearing just one track may lead to a long term commitment to an artist, or at least to picking up an album or two by them, but sometimes, for whatever reason, that one song might be all I'll ever have. 

In this occasional series I'm going to share a few of the one-offs, left-behinds and obscure forgotten favourites from my back pages. Take for example Lions and Tigers. Sometime in the mid-noughties I picked up their 5 track CD EP 'Pure & Applied'. Don't ask me where I got it, when exactly it was that I stumbled upon it, or what persuaded me to shell out for it - as my old Nan was wont to say, I can't remember, I've been asleep since then. All I can say for sure is that I liked the music I heard and still do, in particular the soundtrack-for-an-unmade-film vibe of the instrumental closer, 'Toca Su Guitarra'. According to Discogs, aside from one other track on a split single in 2006, 'Pure & Applied' was the sum total of the band's output. I can tell you no more.

Lions and Tigers - Toca Su Guitarra


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Khayem said...

Great news about the recovery operation, Swede. I've got so much stored digitally now (and backed up) that I wonder how much I wouldn't even realise I've lost. So many half-finished projects - sorting photos just the tip of the iceberg - but I'd be gutted to lose it all.

Given that mixtapes, CD-Rs and 21st century recreations are the backbone of the Dubhed blog, it's no surprise that I found much that resonated in your post. So many homemade compilations that featured a song by an artist that I really liked but somehow never investigated further. The Imaginary Compilation Album series over at The Vinyl Villain has thrown up some surprising omissions (and belated education) over the years.

Today's selection is great and yes, the first I've heard of Lions And Tigers.

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