Monday 3 October 2022

Monday Long Song

German quartet КОМВУИАТ ЯОВОТЯОИ recently released a second volume of  their 'Dickfehler Studio Treffen' recordings, following on from Volume 1 which arrived in the Summer of 2020. Like the first volume, the new LP consists of four long improvised sonic explorations, or, as their record company blurb would have it '... Krautrock grooves that smoothly evolve from outer-space spheres into psychedelic and stoner-rock vibes and back to Krautrock...' Physical copies of the record are still available here, while an abundance of further aural digital delights await you on КОМВУИАТ ЯОВОТЯОИ's Bandcamp page. In the meantime take a listen to the lugubrious 'Fehn', the tune that closes 'Dickfehler Studio Treffen II'.



Walter said...

Love to see them featured at your place Swede. One of the finest German psychedelic bands these days. And their other stuff is also worth to give them a listen.

The Swede said...

Thank s Walter. Along with Sweden's Kungens Män, these guys are among my favourite bands out there at the moment.

Rol said...

I was taken by the name of the band, and the record, so am currently enjoying the spacey groove of this. It's rather relaxing for a Monday night. Just what I needed, actually.

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