Sunday, 6 November 2022

Mimi Parker

It's Sunday afternoon and the heartbreaking news of Mimi Parker's death has just been announced by her partner in Low and in life, Alan Sparhawk. Mimi was only in her mid-50s and had been living with ovarian cancer for two years. I was very fortunate to see Low live in 2013, a wonderful concert that remains fresh in my memory all these years later. I wrote a little about the spellbinding nature of that evening here


Charity Chic said...

Oh bugger
It was widely broadcasted that she had cancer and was seriously ill but it doesn't make it any easier. At such a relatively young age too.
She was a true talent. my thooughts are with Alan, her family and all he band members

C said...

I just saw this terribly sad news in the Guardian and came straight here as I remembered how moved I was by this song when you posted it previously. It could not sound more moving than it does today. RIP Mimi.

Khayem said...

I'm devastated by the news. I was a relative latecomer to Low (with 1999's Christmas mini-album) but I've followed them ever since. I'd already posted about Mimi before visiting here but I was also drawn back to that performance of Just Make It Stop on Jools Holland's show. Mimi's skill as a singer and drummer is hard to describe, lending Low's music an emotional weight, even more so when harmonising with Alan.

Unfortunately, I never got to see Low live in concert. They were due to play in Bath next week but the tour was cancelled in August. I regret that I didn't get to see them previously.

I think it's more difficult news to bear as Mimi was around the same age as Mrs. K and I. Alan's words were beautiful. Love is indeed the most important thing.

Martin said...

Sad news indeed. Perfect song choice.

Swiss Adam said...

Really sad, a lovely tribute though Swede. I never saw them live, a big regret.

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