Saturday, 31 December 2022

New Year Waltz

Christina Alden and Alex Patterson spent much of the past year on the road, touring the UK relentlessly in support of their wonderful 2021 album 'Hunter', taking their folk-baby Etta along for the ride. In the Autumn they released a stand alone single named after Etta, which garnered considerable critical acclaim, not least from Chris Difford, who played the song on his Radio 2 show in November, sandwiched between Richard Thompson and Joni Mitchell no less! I didn't get to many concerts in 2022, but I made sure to catch Alden & Patterson whenever they were playing nearby and already have tickets for three 2023 shows pinned to my noticeboard.

Wishing friends old and new all the very best for the coming year.

Christina Alden and Alex Patterson - New Year Waltz


Swiss Adam said...

Happy new year Swede

C said...

Happy New Year, TS, and here's to gigs aplenty in '23.

Alyson said...

Good to see you back - hope you get a well-earned day off tomorrow.

Happy New Year TS.

Khayem said...

Happy New Year, Swede, I hope 2023 provides you with great gigs and photo opportunities. Thanks for words, pictures and music in 2022, it's been a real treat.

Anonymous said...

HNY to you too, TS.

John Medd

Charity Chic said...

As Alyson said - hope you get a well earned break
Happy New Year to you

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