Friday 4 August 2023

Friday Photo #50

My aunt, who turned 94 yesterday, has lived alone in East London since my uncle died in 1978 and is the last surviving family member to have known me since birth. She's still cooks all her own meals, does her own housework and washing, all the while keeping her mind active by knitting for England and completing endless wordsearch puzzles. In fact I sent her another half a dozen wordsearch books as a birthday gift, which should hopefully keep her ticking along for a few months. As I've mentioned previously, my aunt, uncle and cousin shared our house in Walthamstow for the first dozen or so years of my life, so I've long considered her as an extra parent and I know that my cousin regarded my own mum in the same way.

Today's photo was taken in the back garden in the early summer of 1963, just prior to my cousin's arrival. My aunt at the back, doing her best to hide her baby bump beneath a baggy pinny, mum in the middle knitting something pink for the forthcoming addition to the family and me in my best bib and tucker at the front. I can only imagine that I must've been bribed to look so angelic!


Lieutenant Pigeon were an interesting combo. They had a short run of hit singles in the 1970s that your nan would've happily nodded along to, while at the same time some of their b-sides and album fillers displayed a wacky, low budget sense of experimentalism. Here's the quite odd closing track from Mouldy Old Music, their debut LP, released in 1973.


Ernie Goggins said...

What a fine ensemble (the three of you in the picture, not Lieutenant Pigeon). Belated happy returns to your aunt.

Charity Chic said...

Love the shoes Swede!
And as Ernie said belated birthday greetings to your aunt.

C said...

Lovely photo of you all, and I always enjoy reading abou your wonderfully independent and ever youthful aunt.
As CC points out too - oh those shoes!

The Swede said...

Thanks all. I think I'm actually wearing slippers. This is the only shot I've ever found of them, which, considering the amount of photos Dad took of me around this time, is quite surprising. Perhaps I quickly outgrew them. They are very cool though! The box I'm sitting on lived in the lean-to and contained the family boot polish and brushes.

John Medd said...

Did somebody say Lieutenant Pigeon?

Another great photo, TS; it belongs in the Smithsonian.

Rol said...

I'm not sure why I find it so nostalgic, looking at someone else's old family photos. I guess it's just the evocation of times gone, and much missed. Keep them coming, Swede.

And I honestly thought Lt. Pigeon were just one hit wonders.

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