Tuesday 19 June 2012

The McCartney Connection

As the shutter clicked, capturing a happy couple in the East End of London exchanging their wedding vows, 225 miles to the North West a young man was enjoying his first day as a teenager. The date was June 18th, 1955. The couple getting married were my parents. The boy celebrating his 13th birthday was Paul McCartney.

The photo obviously means a lot to me on a personal level, but over and above that, I think it's such a wonderful image. It captures the moment beautifully, under what, I imagine, were difficult conditions with the poor light in the church and primitive technology of the day...also the bored choirboy is a nice touch! Today would have been my parent's 57th wedding anniversary. The last they celebrated together was their 52nd. 

Macca, of course, hits 70 today. To try and sum up his life, work and influence in a few words would be futile...so let's have a song. 'Press' may be considered a minor work, but it makes me smile every time I hear it - particularly if I hear it in conjunction with the video which is an absolutely joyful celebration of McCartney in 'Thumbs Aloft' mode. To this day, if I'm on the London Underground, I never miss an opportunity to do the 'walking down a wind tunnel' bit!

Many happy returns of the day Sir Paul.


C said...

That's a really nice tribute to all concerned, and a very evocative photo. Great that your parents managed 52 years too - no mean feat.
18th June also happens to be Mr SDS' birthday, btw!

Anonymous said...

Splendid wedding photo, mate.

Happy b'day, Macca.

Old Pa's Corner said...

One of the only true legends still with us I lived thru every single joyous minute....I'm glad its your Birthday, Happy Birthday to you!

John Medd said...

Three score years and ten of thumbs aloft maneuvering must have left Macca with full blown RSI.

Very moving photograph btw; I hope it takes pride of place in Swede Towers.

The Swede said...

Thanks for the comments all. I'm on the lookout for a suitably vintage frame in which to display the photo, then it certainly will take pride of place in Swede Towers.

(I hope Mr SDS enjoyed his birthday.)

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