Saturday, 25 August 2012

Saturday Scratch #7 - Clash Connections

In the wake of Joe Strummer's 60th birthday last Tuesday, it seems appropriate this week, to feature one of Lee Perry's best known productions, 'Police & Thieves', which was covered, in the year following it's original release, by The Clash on their debut LP.

Scratch cut several tunes using the 'Police & Thieves' rhythm, including three different Junior Murvin vocal titles alone, but instead of a familiar performance, I've selected 'Bingo Kid' which is credited to The Upsetters featuring Earl 'Chinna' Smith and can be found on the deluxe CD version of the 'Police & Thieves' album, issued in 2010.

Strummer's Lee Perry connection didn't end there though. In the summer of 1977, The Clash drafted Scratch in to produce 'Complete Control', their first cut with new drummer Topper Headon. What remains of Perry's contribution in the final mix is debatable, but it gives me an excuse to air this early live bash through the tune, which I literally discovered yesterday. The clip ends with Mick Jones looking like he's about to kick into another intro - is there more of this stuff out there?

Finally, to round off this extended edition of Saturday Scratch, a live version of 'Police & Thieves' by The Clash, as featured in the film 'Rude Boy'. OK, so the overdubs render it not totally live, but what the hell - we're right down at the front of a Clash gig in 1978, so enjoy it, enjoy your weekend - and remember, it's very uncool to gob.

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Anonymous said...

Three tremendous songs here, sir. That video of 'Complete Control' is particularly fine. As for Junior Murvin's 'Police and Thieves' album, that must be one of the all-time greatest reggae LPs. If you take that, along with 'The Heart of The Congos' and Max Romeo's 'War In A Babylon', you have a solid argument for Scratch being just about the finest producer in any genre of music.

The Swede said...

You'll get no arguments from me regarding your LP selections Mr Bear - pure genius.

I can't believe the Complete Control clip has existed for 34 years and I've only just bumped into it - it makes you wonder what else is out there.

Old Pa's Corner said...

Fabulous post Mr S that clip of the Clash rehearsing CC(my favourite C song) is superb, I can't stop watching it. Junior Murvin brilliant..have not heard full album and I am of to search for it right now....keep on scratching!

biopunk said...

That Complete Control video was from a French TV show in '77.

London's Burning, a short interview, and 1977 were also played:

The Swede said...

biopunk, I'm in your debt. Thank you.

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