Saturday 18 August 2012

Saturday Scratch #6

By all accounts, this weekend is going to be a scorcher, so there's really only one Lee Perry tune I could select as the heat piles on. Scratch wasn't actually referring to the physical temperature in this masterpiece, rather the song is barometer of the violent, political period during which it was recorded. Having said that, the pervading wonky, slightly wading-through-treacle feel, perfectly mirrors the mush my brain becomes after a few hours of anything over 25° - and today is going to be considerably warmer than that!

'I-man a-go cool-out
'pon the hill-top'

Enjoy your weekend and don't get burned.

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Anonymous said...

Totally brilliant. On of his true masterpieces. By the way, it's rained all day here.

The Swede said...

Rain? It's been clear blue sky and 33° here and it's still 22° at 11pm. I'm a puddle!

Old Pa's Corner said...

Not heard this one,'s been 30-35 here for past week and very humid

flycasual said...

Oh yes, so so good!!! Sweet! Perfectly capturing the heat. I worked the Sunday on a double shift gaddamn it but off Bank Holiday, which of course is going to be raining. As a result of your Sat Scratch, I dug out Mr Perry's Arkology....cheers.

flycasual said...

Where can I get hold of this, Mr Swede?

The Swede said...

OPC - Too much for me!

flycasual - I've got 'City too Hot' on a Trojan double CD, 'Punky Reggae Party 1975-1980', which is a pretty damn fine comp of popular and lesser known tunes of the period. Hope the weather holds out for you on Monday!

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