Saturday, 1 December 2012

Saturday Scratch #19

Every member of my family wears glasses. In fact every member of my family that I can ever remember has worn them and although I have no brothers or sisters, my cousins of a similar age were all in spectacles before they hit their teens. Except me. I've somehow reached the halfway point of my 53rd year without the need for any ocular correction whatsoever. Until now.

On Wednesday I had an eye-test and although my sight is still apparently very sharp, it's the muscles used to re-focus from distant to close-up vision that are worn out and in need of a little assistance. So I left the opticians with a prescription and now have to choose suitable frames for my first ever pair of glasses, a selection I will make with the gentle guidance of Mrs S.

Though considering glasses and frames is a new experience for me, one thing I do know is that however good the specs, they won't give me 'X-Ray Vision'. For that i'll need Glen Adams & the Upsetters.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Old Pa's Corner said...

X-ray specs you might say....boom! boom! without being an upsetter boom! boom!....quit while your ahead OPC

C said...

I think you've done really well to get this far without specs. After decades of proud 20/20 vision I had to have my first prescription for reading glasses when I was 40 - 'textbook case' apparently: 40 is THAT age. Now I'm wearing varifocals - I look in the mirror and I see my mum! I take them off when I go out as I don't want to get too reliant on them but I can sense I'm needing them more and more...
Choosing frames can be fun, though, if you think of them as a fashion accessory. Ozzy Osbourne tinted lenses perhaps or how about little Roger McGuinn granny glasses?!

Anonymous said...

Being extremely short-sighted, I've been wearing the bloody things since I was six. They kept telling me that my sight wouldn't get any worse by the time I was 40 - indeed, it might even improve! Fat chance! Each time I get an eye test it gets a little worse! Oh dear. I'm used to being a four-eyed git. Well done for lasting this long!

The Swede said...

Knew I could rely on you for the pun OPC!!

Dunno about Ozzy or McGuinn specs C, I think Mrs S is more worried that I'll come home with a pair of Timmy Mallets! Hence, she'll be helping me choose.

SB, I'm keeping Andy Kershaw's Costello comment in mind as I approach wearing glasses...'four eyes, one vision.'

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