Thursday, 27 December 2012

Gerry Anderson R.I.P.

The products of Gerry Anderson's incredible imagination lit up my childhood, all the way from Fireball XL5 in 1963 to Space 1999 in the mid-1970s. These weekly sneak-previews of the future (as I was convinced they were) captivated me at a time when I had no more serious concerns in life than what style of  hover-scooter I'd require when I grew up and whether or not caps with flip-down communication devices would be available in my size.

Thank you, Mr Anderson, for the countless hours of pleasure. F.A.B., S.I.G., P.W.O.R.

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C said...

Ah, FAB tribute The Swede!
I'm still hoping to have a hover-scooter some day (maybe they'll replace walking frames for us old'uns in a couple of decades?) and I'm sure that the cap with the communication device is nearer than we think - it'll be adjustable anyway, so no need to worry about size...

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