Saturday, 23 March 2013

Saturday Scratch #22

Lee Perry pieced together much of the Upsetters LP, 'Double Seven,' at Chalk Farm Studio in London, during the winter of 1973 and you don't need a crystal ball to gauge Scratch's opinion of the unfamiliar climate in which he found himself, as the album contains the titles' 'Hail Stones' and, this week's featured tune, 'Cold Weather.' 40 years on, in the grip of a winter that refuses to end, it seems an appropriate selection.

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Anonymous said...

Just wonderful. A track from the first Scratch album I ever bought. Nice chunky vinyl, too. Keep warm!

The Swede said...

We haven't measured our comfort in warmth for a while now, we tend to use different degrees of chilliness.

Old Pa's Corner said...

Really good track which I have not heard before...beautifull sunny day here....going to UK for 2 weeks in April....hope weather improves

The Swede said...

Hmmmm. I'd pack your thermals if I were you Old Pa.

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