Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Daylight Robbery

 'Is that someone nickin' my food?'

 'Let's 'ave a look.....'

 '.....who's there....?'

 '.....come on, show yourself.....'

 '....hmmm, I could've sworn I heard someone havin' a peck....'

'...mind you, they'd have to get up pretty early in the morning to get away with any of my lovely nuts....'


C said...

Absolutely superb pics (and music)

I frequently find myself chuckling at the antics at the bird feeder (let alone the bird bath!) It's far more entertaining than watching telly. But I never manage to get good photos - how on earth did you manage to snap them so well at just the right moment?! You should send them to the RSPB or BTO!

The Swede said...

Thanks C, I'm glad you enjoyed them. After years of prevarication i've finally picked up a new camera. It's only a point and press, but it's a big improvement on my old faithful. It has a feature where you can fire off ten shots one after t'other, which is how I captured these guys. The shenanigans around the bird bath make me giggle too, but it's a bit further from the house than the feeder, so i'm not sure if i'll be able to capture any shots, but i'll have a go!

Old Pa's Corner said...

Great pics TS and great Tune....a double steal

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