Monday, 21 July 2014

Lost on the Hard Drive #1 - The Hooterville Trolley

There are many good things about the easy access to music that we enjoy today. I want it. I got it. Quick as that. I can order a physical album without leaving my keypad, I can stream entire catalogues in any number of ways, or I can purchase and download individual tunes or complete recorded works in seconds. The problem with the latter comes when a stray tune hits the hard drive, is played and enjoyed for a while, before being lost in an anonymous folder on my computer. Which happens a lot.

In this occasional series I'll be scouring my D and G drives, unearthing half-forgotten gems along the way - and what an absolute corker to kick-off with.


C said...

Never heard of this before, though I feel I should have! - very groovy / funky / psychy! And a great film with it too.

The Swede said...

From 1968 apparently, a fact I was sceptical about for a while, I seem to remember. It's almost too good to be that unknown.

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