Thursday 12 November 2015


A while back, in the comments section of one of my blogging chums, I seem to remember contributing to a conversation about great 'lost' Britpop era singles. I think I may have even half-promised to dig out a couple of examples. With several ideas for potential posts bubbling away, but no spare time on my hands at the moment in which to knuckle down and write them, this appears as good a time as any to throw in one of the tunes I had in mind.

Autopop released just two singles in their short life, the glorious 'Being Seen' being their swansong. The A&B sides of both singles, plus a further four studio recordings,  were issued as a mini-album, 'Selection Box', on Vinyl Japan in 1996.


Brian said...

Not a lost one for me because I never found it. I think this sounds great, and I appreciate any band that pulls out the ol' double-A side. Do you have Selection Box? If so, do they all sound this good, or was this their moment? I have been snooping around, but Autopop does seem forgotten. Not much about them out there. I found a copy on ebay for 6 pounds, but the seller doesn't ship outside of the UK.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Britpop...full of sound and fury. A movement that spawned some fine things amongst the dross but now seems an incredibly long time ago in some ways. I remember seeing the likes of Ash, Menswear, Sleeper and others (as well as Suede, Pulp and Supergrass, all of whom transcended genre definitions) in live action and though none of them were really very good, it was a energetic and fun time. Autopop passed me by but this sounds spiky enough. A little feature, 'Forgotten Heroes of Britpop'? How about Marion?

The Swede said...

Brian. I don't own 'Selection Box', but I have heard a couple of other tracks by Autopop and 'Being Seen' stands out, for me anyway.

Singing Bear. I've got a couple more 'lost' singles from the period that I must dig out and share. I wasn't a Marion fan particularly, but I did see them live. They were set for big things before their singer went off the rails.

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