Monday, 16 November 2015

Return of the Bear

While at a terrific Sam Lee & Friends concert last night, retired blogging pal and fellow Sam fan, Singing Bear crossed my mind. I resolved to drop him a line when I got home, to report on the gig and have a general catch up. When I flipped open my laptop a couple of hours later, I was surprised to find an email from the very same Mr Bear awaiting my attention. His unexpected missive contained excellent news - the blogging Bear is back in action! Check out his sparkling new gaff here. Welcome back Singing Bear, the old place ain't been the same without you. (You missed a blinder last night mate).


Anonymous said...

Sam live! How wonderful! I missed him when he came near hear a while ago, so must put that right when I can. That performance is typically great, isn't it? Many thanks for the publicity; I hope to make it fun.

Charity Chic said...

The Bear is back! Good news indeed

Anonymous said...

Wow, Mr. S. I really enjoyed this video!

I didn't realize the Bear had ever gone away because most recently he was running The Gong Farmer. Thanks for letting us know about the new venture.

Walter said...

He's totally new to me but I love it. Gonna check out more of him. Seems like you had a great evening, Swede.

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