Friday, 12 February 2016

Yama Warashi

All eyes (and ears) are on Bristol this weekend, as several venues around the city play host to the 2016 BBC 6Music Festival. I've made a mental note of a few of the names I'm hoping to catch from the comfort of my laptop, though I'm disappointed to read that local boys BEAK> have had to pull out.

I'm not sure how well the Bristol music scene in general will be represented in the festival coverage, though hopefully we'll get to hear a little of what's going down in that neck of the woods. Japanese artist Yoshino Shigihara is based in Bristol for example, operating under the Yama Warashi moniker. Her sound is an intriguing melange of African influences, free jazz, psychedelia and Bon Odori, a traditional Japanese folk dance music. An EP, 'Moon Zero' is scheduled for March, from which 'No Face' is the first taster.


Anonymous said...

Fascinating sound. Never heard of her but it seems that the old hometown is more vibrant musically than ever. I can't keep up with what is going on there and it makes me miss it all the more. Have heard a bit of the Radio 6 festival thing but wish that it was even more centred on music actually made in Bristol. Still, that's just being too picky. BTW, I've caved and am trying a new approaach to the blogging thing. Let's hope the enthusiasm lasts - It's actually a revival of my very first blog which I started in 2003. We'll see.

Unknown said...

Hello! This is Yama Warashi, thank you so much for writing about us, really nice words :) I just updated 'No Face' soundcloud to new file cos it's has been finished mixing, then I think you lost the link... I am sorry, if you can embed the link again would be great :) thank you! xx

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