Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Strung Out In Heaven: A Bowie String Quartet Tribute

'Strung Out In Heaven: A Bowie String Quartet Tribute' is a digital EP, conceived and created by Amanda Palmer and Jherek Bischoff within the space of just two weeks, an admirable achievement under any circumstances. Tracks include 'Space Oddity', 'Heroes', 'Life on Mars', a gripping 'Ashes to Ashes' and a particularly fearless 'Blackstar', featuring Anna Calvi on vocals and guitar. Until March 5th, the bulk of the the proceeds from the EP's sales will go to the cancer research wing of Tufts Medical Centre in Boston, Massachusetts.

Read more about the project and recording here. Listen to/buy the whole EP here.


Anonymous said...

I've heard some other 'classical' takes of Bowie over the years and they have been pretty awful. This, however, is pretty good, I reckon.

C said...

I like this - think it works very well. And it's very Amanda Palmer, whom I really admire.

The Swede said...

SB. I know exactly what you mean, but thankfully this EP has been put together with a lot of care and attention, in spite of the tight timescale.

C. Glad you enjoyed it. I'm not very familiar with Amanda Palmer's work, but will check out more now.

C said...

Not sure if it would be up your street but you could try the Who Killed Amanda Palmer album - that's the one for me - maybe also check out some Dresden Dolls. I've often thought of writing a post about her but there's so much I could say that I honestly wouldn't know where to start!

TheRobster said...

Had a chance to listen to this properly now. The version of Space Oddity is extremely ropey, but otherwise it's great stuff. Having Anna Calvi involved was an inspired move.

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