Friday, 9 February 2018

Version City #68 - Micah P. Hinson sings The Carter Family

I'm somewhat surprised to find that I haven't featured anything from 'Micah P. Hinson Presents The Holy Strangers' on these pages before today, as the LP was one of my favourites of 2017. Mrs S & I have followed Micah's career ever since his 2004 debut 'The Gospel of Progress', where he was backed by much missed English folk-psych merchants par excellence, The Earlies. 'The Holy Strangers' is, whisper it, a concept album - or as Hinson himself would have it '....a “modern folk opera.” Telling the story of a war time family, going from birth to love, to marriage and children, to war and betrayal, murder to suicide – spanning all of the strange and glorious places life can lead.' The album stretches over two pieces of vinyl and not a minute of the hour long running time is wasted. It's an absorbing piece of work from a truly unique artist and comes highly recommended from all the gang at Swede Towers.

Micah P. Hinson - Lover's Lane 

The Carter Family - Lover's Lane

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