Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Mammane Sani et son Orgue

Mammane Sani was a keyboard player and composer, creating short continuity pieces for TV and Radio, before obtaining an Italian Orla organ and eventually recording 'La Musique Electronique Du Niger' in 1978. The album was distributed on cassette only in hen's teeth like quantities and, 35 years later, was rescued from oblivion by the good people at Sahel Sounds. The music is hypnotic, minimal and, quite frankly, not the kind of stuff you'd initially expect to have come out of late 70's West Africa. Think 'Dignity of Labour' period Human League transposed from Sheffield to Niamey. Remarkable.

Mammane Sani - Lamru


drew said...

That is very, very good Swede and as you say not something you would identify West Africa with.

drew said...

btw Swede, Psychic Lemon have a free download of a live gig available here

The Swede said...

Cheers Drew.

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