Friday, 2 March 2018

Telluride Speed

After a break of over 20 years I thought I'd have another bash at growing a goatee. In the late 90s the hair may have started to grey, but my facial whiskers remained resolutely full and dark. In 2018, however, I look into the bathroom mirror and see, with horror, Kenny Rogers looking back at me. Where did it all go wrong?

A couple of days ago Ryley Walker announced that his new LP, 'Deafman Glance', will be released on May 18th. This is of course splendid news for yours truly and somewhat alleviated my bristle related gloom. The first taster from from the record is the rather lovely 'Telluride Speed'.


John Medd said...

You're obviously aware of 'Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers'.

The Swede said...

I wasn't John, but I am now. Good grief!

Old Pa's Corner said...

Hi TS here is my email me an email with your address, will keep you upto date with developments.

check out SFW demos of some of my songs, the boys got it. Desert Life rules. You were there first.

Nic said...

hi. interesting stuff. btw, deafman glance is the name of an early Robert Wilson piece of multimedia theatre.

Alyson said...

This is indeed very beautiful - thanks for bringing to my attention.

As for the bristles, I'm noticing that guys who used to have beards back in the day are now clean shaven whereas the hip youngsters have beards. It's all to do with the grey. Good luck with the goatee.

Rol said...

Ah, but are you are Gambler... or The Coward of the County?

Liking the Ryley Walker. Shades of Nick Drake?

C said...

That Ryley Walker song could be from a totally different era... I would have great difficultyt dating it if I didn't know!
Good luck with the goatee! I think Alyson's right about the differences in age and beard presence/length these days. But I can't imagine you ever looking like Kenny Rogers!

The Swede said...

It's gratifying to see how well Ryley goes down on these pages whenever I feature him.
I think the goatee might be for the chop next week.

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