Monday, 28 May 2018

Neck Another Pill to Make Me Feel Better

Sometimes at work, a random song (or part of a song) will get lodged in my head and become an eight hour long earworm. One day last week, for no apparent reason, it was 'This Feeling', the first single from 'Only Forever', the second LP by Puressence. I dug out my generic promo CD of the album when I got home and gave it a spin. It took me back. I saw Puressence just once, in 1998 a couple of months before the release of 'Only Forever', at The Barfly in Camden. That evening, I stood on one side of the room and my then recent ex-girlfriend and her new beau stood on the other. The tension in the air was palpable!

When I played through 'Only Forever' last week, I regretted never having picked up a proper finished copy of the CD in the ensuing 20 years. Yesterday morning, bright and early, Mrs S & I drove 20 miles to spend a couple of hours pottering around a large car-boot sale in a field just outside of Norwich. Half way along the very last row of stalls, as we were about to make our way back to the car, I crouched down to flick through a box of CDs on the ground - and there it was. A pristine copy of 'Only Forever'. Would you believe it? 'How much?' I asked, waving the CD above my head to grab the stallholder's attention. '50p' came the reply. Sold.

Puressence - This Feeling


Charity Chic said...

As you would expect that story warms the cockles of my heart

Swiss Adam said...

Saw them about 10 years ago, almost by accident. They were impressive.

drew said...

Bargain Swede.

That Wood Shjips album is absolutely gorgeous isn't it?

Rol said...

My cockles are also quite warmed.

Brian said...

Meant to be, my friend.

John Medd said...

Oh, yes! I totally get why they float your boat.

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