Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Judgement Train

I've been even further off grid than usual since Saturday. All overtime at work has been slashed and I'm reduced to bare minimum hours, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to head down to the smoke for a few days and check in on my two elderly Aunts. Mrs S needed the car at home, so I loaded my device of choice with a bunch of recently purchased albums and let the train take the strain. Track maintenance on the way down necessitated a coach replacement service for part of the journey and the trip home was also heavily delayed after a poor soul was struck by a train near Brentwood, halting all services in and out of London for three hours. Long story short, I had plenty of time in which to acquaint myself with new music. I listened to a lot of good stuff, but I still reckon that there has been no better LP released so far this year than Rustin Man's 'Drift Code'.

Rustin Man - Judgement Train 


Swiss Adam said...

I keep forgetting to check out this album so ta for the reminder.

Ramone666 said...

New to me, sounds good, cheers!

Rol said...

"I finally managed to reach the station, only to find that the bus replacement service had broken down.
After wondering to myself whether it should actually be called a train replacement service
I walked out onto the concourse and noticed the giant screen seemed to have been tampered with
Probably by a junior employee
Disgruntled commuters were being regaled with some dismal TVM
Involving a tug-of-love-custody-battle
Stockard Channing held sway."

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