Wednesday 29 July 2020

Walkin' Up a One-Way Street

I've had a lot of overtime recently, covering a mixture of staff sickness and colleagues finally feeling able to make some use of their annual leave. The last couple of weeks have been pretty full-on actually and several days went by where I didn't even open the laptop once. Yesterday was a day off though, one that I was determined not to waste. In the event however, I dragged my aching bones out of bed, plonked myself down in the garden with a pot of coffee and sank into a morning of utter lethargy.

By midday I was fuming at myself for my inactivity, yet still struggled to find adequate reserves of energy or enthusiasm to move. I knew that getting out for a walk would do me the world of good, but couldn't quite gee myself up for it. Finally, I dragged myself to my feet muttering '...just to the end of the lane and back then...' - twenty minutes of movement, max.

Almost the instant I stepped across the threshold of the house I felt better. In the end I roamed off the beaten track for over four hours, barely seeing another soul and in the process discovering a couple of remote footpaths that were new to me, which considering I've been wandering around this area for almost nine years is really quite amazing. The day wasn't wasted after all.

'Walking Up a One-Way Street' is a fabulous 1965 Willie Tee b-side that can more easily be found on the 2001 'In Crowd - Mod Collection' box set.

Willie Tee - Walkin' Up a One-Way Street


Charity Chic said...

Looks lovely Swede
Managable hills!

John Medd said...

I think there's only been one day during lockdown, two max, where I haven't left the house and gone for a walk. There's a lot to be said for it; not least by me.

Great song btw. It's going on my next playlist for sure.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. S,
Though I haven't had work to contend with, I have been avoiding the internet for a while now.

I love the photos you've posted - how lucky you are to live in the midst of such a beautiful landscape. As for the Willie Tee song - love it. It made my morning!

Look after yourself.

The Swede said...

CC. I'd be embarrassed to call anything around here a hill!

John. Walking never fails to revive me, mentally and physically. Glad you dug the tune.

Hi Marie. How great to hear from you. I thought of you when I chose the track, but wondered if you'd happen to pick up on my post. I hope you're keeping well. Let me know if you open up the blog again.

Anonymous said...

It's open now, Mr. S. Hope you enjoy your time off. I'm envious, and miss hiking the English countryside. Here I am in the middle of urban madness - construction racket, noisy leaf blowers, back-up beepers (the scourge of humankind) and foul air. Still, thankfully, sanctuary can always be found in books, art and great music! ;-)

Frank Jive said...

Great pics Mr Swede. The lack of sidewalks makes a big contrast to my neighborhood!

Rol said...

I find the rare days off I have (when I'm now tied up with household chores or childcare) often get squandered. I've got a few hours "off" tomorrow and hope to get some writing done, but chances are I'll just veg and make excuses. A walk is never wasted though.

C said...

Love the pics and love the song!
So glad you got out walking on your precious day off work. It's so true, one always feels better after a good walk, and especially when you can really get out into the countryside as I know I am lucky to be able to do so easily, like you. Although I've been working hard all the way through this whole thing, something about the psychological landscape has made me do even more walking too than I would have normally. One small positive thing.

Brian said...

I hope Drew makes it by here for that song. So good. Those pictures are wonderful, Swede. My walking routes don't hold a candle to what you have going. Don't work too hard!

Swiss Adam said...

Ace photos Swede. One of the genuine bright spots of lockdown has been daily walks and getting pleasure from discovering previously unknown paths and parts the local area.

Alyson said...

Lovely pictures of your neck of the woods. Yes, it can seem a bit of a chore sometimes to get organised to go out for a walk but always worth it. Nature does something for the soul I think.

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