Monday, 18 October 2021

Monday Long Song

Following on from last week Yes post, we stay in 1974 for 'You', the third of Gong's 'Radio Gnome Invisible' trilogy of albums. Soon after its release, founding member and leader Daevid Allen departed from the band, closely followed by guitarist Steve Hillage, whose own 1975 debut solo LP 'Fish Rising' featured heavy contributions from many core Gong members, with the notable exception of Allen.

'A Sprinkling of Clouds', which closes side one of 'You', features Tim Blake's moog prowess to the fore. Blake is still actively participating in a number of musical projects including the current incarnation of Hawkwind, for whom I saw him rockin' a mean theremin just a couple of years ago.

Gong - A Sprinkling of Clouds


George said...

Gong..........played to some of my classes, much to their bemusement and annoyance (what, you want to do maths instead of listening to this???)

C said...

Oh that is a coincidence as only yesterday Mr SDS was digging out some Gong to play after not having thought about or listened to them for some time -he must have picked up on a some telepathic soundwaves being transmitted from up the East coast! I do love this track. Fab choice for a Monday Long Song!

The Swede said...

George: If any teacher of mine had offered me the chance to listen to Gong instead of doing maths, I'd still be using an abacus at this point.

C: Great minds think alike!

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