Friday, 18 January 2013

Meanwhile, Back in the Winter of '63

Me: Mum, can I ride my bike in the garden?
Mum: What, in this weather? It's the winter of 1963 you know, this snow won't clear until March and they'll still be banging on about how cold it is in 50 years time - you mark my words.
Me: Pleeease?
Mum: Alright then. I'll get a broom to clear the path. 

Mum: Brrrr, it's cold out here. Are you all done up?
Me: (Impatiently) Yes Mum.
Mum: Ooh look, Dad wants to take a photo of us in the snow.
Me: OK, hurry up Dad!

Dad: (to Mum) Take one with me in it.
Mum: Pose nicely.....
Me: (Sigh) Alright just a quick one. I want to get on with riding my bike...oi Dad! Don't sit on it, you'll break it!

Me: Right, that's enough photos. Give me that broom Mum, I'm going to get this path clear. Honestly, if you want a job done you've got to do it yourself!

Me: Step aside folks, I'm coming through!


C said...

SO sweet! I hope you went and made a big snowman after the photoshoot too? It's great too that you still have these photos.
My mum was half way through her pregnancy with me in that treacherous winter, which must have been a worry in the ice...while I stayed warm and oblivious (a tendency I've tried to continue since!)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Great pics, sir. Now, that was when it really *was* a winter. I could not believe that the BBC had a half-hour news special about the snow at 7.30 last night. Are we insane?

Monkey said...

Great pictures!

The Swede said...

Cheers folks, wasn't I cute? I do have a series of snowman photos actually, but from the following winter. Perhaps I'll dig them out someday.

Old Pa's Corner said...

Great photos Mr S...winter of 63 I was a message boy for a grocery shop...horrible conditions it was for a bike.

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