Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Yo La Tengo

Impervious to fad and fashion, Yo La Tengo continue to deliver engaging music after 27 years together. Their last album, 2009's 'Popular Songs', was an varied cocktail of Motown influenced pop, Sonic Youth-style angular alt-rock, funk, avant-noise, Krautrock and all points in-between. 

Word is that their new LP 'Fade', due any day, won't be quite so diverse as it's predecessor, however the three tracks that have 'leaked' ahead of release show the band's quality control is still impressively high at the tail-end of their third decade.

Here's 'Ohm' - love that Ringoesque drumming.


Anonymous said...

That is great. I haven't listened to Yo La Tengo for a few years, to be honest, but I must hear more of this new album. You're right about those splendid drums and the guitar solo is a delight.

Old Pa's Corner said...

Very nice track. They do some good Dylan covers...will be looking out for the new one

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