Monday, 11 March 2013

Version City #9

Over the weekend, I fired up the i-Player and listened to a short Radio 4 documentary about the song 'Shipbuilding'. It was an enjoyable programme and while I didn't learn anything new, I was reminded of something I'd forgotten, namely, that Suede had covered the tune for 'Help', the War Child Charity album, in 1995. Robert Wyatt's original and Elvis Costello's own versions are hard acts to follow, but Suede deliver a pretty good take, recorded, as was the rest of the album, in one day.

This one's for you C!


Old Pa's Corner said...

Not bad version but as you say the other two are hard acts to follow

Anonymous said...

Nice trumpet. I like June Tabor's version, too. Of course, RW's remains peerless.

C said...

Thank you!!!
I'd forgotten about this too - I do like it a lot in its own right and not just because it's Suede. (Have I ever mentioned that I like Suede...?)

The Swede said...

Old Pa. No-one is ever going to better Robert & Elvis, but Brett gives it a good shot.

SB. Not sure that I've heard June's version, or if I have then it's another one I've forgotten! Will check it out.

C. ......I think you mentioned it once in passing!

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