Friday, 5 April 2013


After a lengthy absence and without fuss or fanfare, Mick Jones and Tony James return, in their Carbon/Silicon guise, with a gentle, understated new song, 'Big Surprise', which is accompanied by a simple, but classy video, filmed on the cold streets of West London.


Old Pa's Corner said...

This is nice and a welcome back too

John Medd said...

Spent much of this weekend talking about bands whose recorded output never matched the urgency of their live gigs. And The Carbs got a mention. I saw them many many times and when they played Magic Suitcase I used to get goosebumps; however, the studio version was soulless and dull.

Does this mean they'll be playing again sometime soon?

The Swede said...

Glad you enjoyed it OPC.

John. I know what you mean. Some of their early 'MP Free's' were brilliant, but I found the official album, 'The Last Post', to be a huge disappointment. Haven't heard owt about any forthcoming shows.

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