Saturday, 20 April 2013

Record Store Day

As each successive Record Store Day becomes more popular than the last, I find myself, once a year, in the odd position of having the shops I worked in so many years ago (my own and that of a small chain), occasionally mentioned in passing on the radio or online, indeed both got a nod on Steve Lamacq's show this week. I still remember many of the long gone locations where I made my all-important early vinyl purchases in the 1970's and it's quite touching that I, and my fellow former retailers in sound, are sometimes remembered with similar affection.

I can't make it to a shop to celebrate this year's Record Store Day, so I've been having a rummage through what's left of my own, once large, record collection to mark the day with a couple of fine slabs of vinyl from the Swede archives.

'No Time For Talk' is the first track from a 1983 5 song 12" EP by The Box, an off-shoot of Clock DVA. Tremendously angular stuff. I was so blown away with this EP on release that I actually wrote to the band, in a state of high excitement, singing their praises. To my surprise they sent me a long handwritten letter back, even inviting me to introduce myself if I ever made it to one of their shows, which I unfortunately never did manage to do.

'Love' by Orchestre Jazira just turned up in a new release box one day in 1984 and after a single play I knew I had to have it. The record has been with me ever since and the two tracks on the 12" remain the only ones I've heard by the band. 'Love' is a fabulously infectious tune that comes in at just over 6 minutes, but wouldn't overstay it's welcome if it was double that length.

To those of you who will be up and about early to join the queues - happy hunting. But please remember, a record store is for life, not just for record store day.


Anonymous said...

Nice. I can really hear why you loved The Box as that track is the woodwind sounds going off in all directions.

C said...

I really like The Box too - not heard it before - and so of the time too (very Peelish!)

Who'd have thought years back that there would even be a 'Record Store Day' as a means of reminding us of their importance?! Great to know that Steve Lamacq mentioned both of your previous record shop establishments, especially your own one - that's great.

(I remember serving him a couple of times in my record shop days too!)

Anonymous said...

On the subject of Record Store Day (can we not call it Record SHOP Day?), I naively strolled around to Spillers in Cardiff ('probably the oldest record shop in the world') hoping to enjoy some live sounds and pick up a bargain only to find an enormous queue of folk just trying to get in. This was at 1pm on Saturday. Seems Record Store Day is getting more popular every year.

Old Pa's Corner said...

Two great tracks Mr S, Orchestre Jazira just edges it had to get it from You Tube...Bought the Dylan box set of the early classic singles a couple of years ago and framed them...arn't I sad?

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